Partners & Friends

From around the globe who share Thinker Thing’s passion for bringing 3D printing to everyone.


United States

MakerBot, probably one of the best know brands in 3D printing, is a strategic partner of Thinker Thing with contracts already in place to promote and help distribute our products under the MakerBot ready brand. Our first joint product is already available at their MakerBot apps portal.

Stgo MakerSpace


Where it all began for us, Santiago’s Maker Space. We continue to support these great folks as they make 3D printing available to all. Last year’s Maker Faire was the location of choice to launch our alpha test of our technology with a 10,000 strong public. Watch the video


United States

We have been big friends with Shapeways for some years now, with their help we’ve refined our applications for printing in a huge variety of materials to deliver around the globe. We have our own shop store there, and they feature and recommend Dr. Fluff’s Robot Factory as one of their Easy 3D printing apps. You can also check out Shapeways interviewwith Thinker Thing’s founder.


United States

Thingiverse is the original place to go to download models for 3D printing. Whilst our aim is for you to build your own models, we like to post examples here to show you the possibilities. What is wonderful to see is that models built using our application even by 4 year olds are being downloaded at an incredible rate. One in every five people who go to Thinker Thing’s models page on Thingiverse, download them for 3D printing.



Global markets are important to us, so we are paying close attention to partnering with the best companies around our little planet. 3DPrintus represent us at major events in Russia such as the famous Geek Picnic. They provide a 3D printing service comparable to Shapeways, where you can upload/download and print great creations in a huge variety of materials. We created a special Russian language version of our application with their help that links with their service. We also have a shop on their site.

FabLab UChile


The Fab Lab Chile, at the University of Chile is one of the best equipped FabLabs in South America and we are proud to have their support. They have been invaluable in allowing us to experiment with the high end of 3D printing and push our knowledge forward.

3DLab Fab&Cafe


Absolutely one of the pioneers of 3D printing here in South America, famous for their work on 3D printed prosthetic limbs, Fab Lab Argentina have helped us spread the word about the ease of use of our technology throughout South America and we are proud to count them amongst our friends on this incredible journey.

Café Maker


Probably the best coffee shop here in Chile is the home of one of our oldest supporters, who provides a fantastic 3D printing service to match the incredible coffee. If you’re using our software in Chile where better to print out your creations than at this central city location. A link is provided in our software to print here.

If you’re a 3D printing company and want to join us on this incredible journey, drop us a mail and tell us how we can support you. We are currently looking for retail outlets around the world who want to provide easy 3D printing using our software. We want to help you make that happen.