The Science behind our breakthrough

The power behind our patent pending innovation is a process that uses “Evolutionary Computation” to grow a perfect model from simple preference based choices. Our evolutionary algorithm based engine utilizes crossover and mutation processes similar to how life itself was created. Which object lives on to produce the next generation is determined by the users preferences, and the genetic make up, the DNA of these objects, are merged and mutated to produce the next generation of objects.

Genes survive because they are best suited to survival, when that survival is determined by the users preferences the result is a complex aesthetically pleasing object ideal for that unique user. In this way within a short period the user evolves their own perfect product using their own preferences

Each object is defined by a genetic code, similar to the building blocks of life; DNA. When you select your preferences we cross breed and mutate the genetic code of your selections to create new generations of offsprings based on the things you like. In this way, over time, you grow your perfect object in much the same way life itself was created.