What kind of hosting requirements does your company need? Whether you’re creating a community of like-minded game-building players or a store to sell your products, your site host plays an important role.

What do you want from a hosting company?

Well, it depends on what you’re doing—something simple like blogging stories or something complex like promoting a 3d open framework game site. When choosing, you need to keep these three things in mind:

  1. Ease of use. Just because you know how to play, invent, 3-d print and create game boards, strategies and communities to help you integrate into your gaming world, doesn’t mean you have technological expertise about hosting sites. You, as a provider, or you, as a player, may need help to build and host your website or blog.
    Technological novices, especially, want simple, intuitive functions, and an easy control panel to locate and manage their files, domain, billing, settings and support.Say you’re the 3-d interactive game manufacturer. You want your host to draw people in to play, not scare them with user-unfriendly features. You want to be able to showcase your products and options to keep players engaged and equipped with game tools.

    And if you’re a player, your competition level depends on how easy it is to create moves, brag about your winnings, and share your trophies or advice.

  1. Adaptable for your needs. Aim big. You know your start-up interactive game is fantastic; it will eventually grab the imaginations of millions of collaborators. They’ll be addicted. Well, then maybe you need to skip a WordPress shared site and go dedicated hosting or VPS (virtual private server). There you have greater freedom, control, stability and performance.
  1. Capacity. You want a hosting site that can handle multiple domains for your expanding business or extensive interests. Perhaps you want a website to showcase your products generally but a separate blog and yet another website to feature specialized accessories to your game products: game pieces on one and a variety of available 3d printers on another.


How do you know which is best?

Read customer reviews. Read widely and be sure the reviewer doesn’t have a stake in the outcome. That way you know you’re getting credible recommendations.

Look for coupon codes. But again, do your homework as to hosting sites that will fit your needs and isn’t fly by night. Like Bluehost, the hosting site recommended by WordPress, where you can find trusted bluehost coupon codes.

ConsumerRankings.com gives the following more specific advice when deciding on a web hosting service:

  1. Evaluate your needs
    Don’t pay for what you don’t need like tons of storage if you plan to build a small blog aimed at family and friends.
    But if you’re starting with a small site that you anticipate growing into a huge website with multiple servers, then you want to make sure you have features—like unlimited disk space–that will adapt to your growing needs for more pages, for instance. Consumer Rankings recommends a “minimum of 5 GB of disk space and 250 GB of bandwidth” to start. This will accommodate most hosting needs.
  1. Study the hosting site’s features
    To see if it matches your vision for a site. If you’re a beginner, you may have to do your research to understand some of the features. You probably don’t want to have to switch to another site after you’ve established one for a time and disrupt your business continuity.
    Security and publishing features are important to study if you plan to reach out and draw people in, say for online shopping options, or Content Management Systems customization features if your game site is organically and creatively interactive for open framework collaborations.
  1. Customer Support.
    You’re most likely going to need support at some time regardless of your expertise. Be sure you do your homework on which sites offer fast, accessible support personnel, who are knowledgeable and approachable. Some technicians can’t translate their knowledge in simple enough terms for the newbies.
  1. Find the best prices
    Most hosting sites offer packages with an array of features. Prices range from just over $2.00 to over $40.00 a month. But don’t be drawn in just for the price. Some newer companies want your business so will offer lower monthly rates. That doesn’t mean they’re the best.
    Fortunately, discount coupons offer you savings. Look for established companies giving discounts.
  1. Speed
    Page loading time is critical to your success. Very few people have patience for slow-loading pages. In particular, players looking to create and compete on a game site most likely won’t participate on a frustratingly slow site. They’re playing to have fun. Slow loading sites are not fun.


Discount Coupons for hosting 3d frameworks

For an emerging Open Framework game creation site, flexibility and features are critical to success. You want to draw in as many players as possible. Those players will range from absolute beginner to experienced technology user.

But everyone’s new at the game. So, you want your community site to thrive on do-it-together collaboration, discussion and competition. You want to encourage people to use available add-ons, plug-ins and support features that help them build and contribute to the game’s ever-expanding ecosystem.


Technology entertainment entrepreneurs and users alike want a hosting site loaded, easy and inexpensive. Ultimately, for host or site visitors, you want the game played, shared, and gone viral to multiple players, teams and sites that boost, complement and refer to yours.

That’s why no matter which hosting service you choose, think quality and affordability, so everyone plays.

Find your discounts, like trusted Bluehost coupon codes for hosting 3d frameworks cheaply on quality hosts: known name brands recommended by trusted content management systems providers (WordPress officially refers users to Bluehost)–and give the best bang for the buck.